Anyone can participate the event, and no license is required. Please note that the race organizers insurance doesn't cover accidents caused by other reasons than organizers' actions (for example participant crashing during the race).

To fulfill the race, the participant must finish all the three stages. If the participant quits any of the stages, she/he can start to the other stages but will not be a finisher. Remember always to inform the race office if you are not going to finish/start!


Littering is strictly forbidden during the race. The participants must write down their race number to each gel, bar etc package they are taking with them to the race. In case littering occurs, the race leaders have possibility to give time penalties or even disqualify a participant.


The race organization has service points along each stage. In the service points we offer PULS sports drink and something small to eat. Participants' own drinking bottles will also be taken to the official service poins.

Private service is allowed everywhere along the trails, except at areas specifically forbidden in riders' meeting.


The trails are marked with arrows, warning signs, and marking tape. It is always the participants' responsibility to follow the markings.

DUO classes

In DUO classes two participants form a team which has to ride all the stages together (from start to finish and everywhere in between). There are women, men and mixed DUOs. It is allowed to help the other team mate with all possible means.


The ebikes used in the ebike classes need to apply to the following rules:

  • maximum power 250W
  • assistance goes off in 25kmph

The ebikes will be tested during the race and participants breaking the rules will be disqualified from the race.


The participants are not insured by the race organizer.