Stage 1 juniors

The stage 1 for juniors is 11km long with respectable 270m of climbing. The first 2km of the track is follows a tarmac road behind a front car.

Half way up to Kaunispää fell, the front car drives to the side and the race begins. The second half of the Kaunispää climb goes on a single-track which is mostly easy to ride. However, there are som steep places before the top of the fell.

From the top of Kaunispää, the trail starts descending towards Urupää fell. In the valley between the fells there are some wet spots. The fastest way is to ride through all of them.

The Urupää climb is easier than the first one. From the top the track takes a nice and curvy single-track descent towards the main road. From this point on, there is only one easy climb left before descending back to the race center.